Equipment Procurement

To start the equipment procurement process, your VEi team will start by meeting with your facility engineers to learn about the environment, weather conditions, and general area of the project. We also get to know the people who work in the facility. These up-front efforts help us better understand the existing operating procedures and overall atmosphere of the project area.

Our process then continues through:

  • Creating a detailed equipment specification list using your input
  • Completing the RFQ and establishing a preferred bidders list
  • Holding pre-bid meetings to clarify equipment requirements, answer questions, and resolve issues. VEi team members will provide support for questions and clarifications.
  • Receiving and analyzing the quotes from selected bidders
  • Completing a comparison spreadsheet to assist in awarding contracts
  • Holding a post-bid meeting for final clarification of equipment vendor supply

Once we award contracts, your VEi team will:

  • Can make periodic supplier visits for quality control
  • Confirm scheduled deliveries each week
  • Verify the equipment is being built to the correct specifications
  • Review all equipment upon delivery to the construction site

Our equipment procurement process ensures you get the exact equipment for your project delivered when you need it while maximizing your purchasing power.

Our equipment procurement services include:

  • Specification writing
  • Request for quote development
  • Preferred bidders list
  • Pre-bid meetings
  • Bid period assistance
  • Recommendations for Equipment from vendor bids
  • Quote comparison reports
  • Post-bid meetings
  • Purchasing
  • Equipment tracking
  • Quality control
  • Utilizing new or used equipment
  • Warranty resolution

Contact us to learn to learn more about our equipment procurement process and services and how they can help result in a successful project.


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