Project Management

When we provide project management services, our goal is to keep the project on track while providing all stakeholders with as much detail as possible to eliminate misdirection and wasted time and money. Within our project management process, we emphasize:

Open Communication

An integral part of our project management philosophy involves creating an atmosphere of open communication between our team and yours. We make it a top priority to communicate with your project owners, managers, and stakeholders throughout the entire process. We also involve other key project members as needed, such as communicating with the factory manager pertaining to scheduling and budgets, the operations manager when dealing with process parameters, and the maintenance manager with questions about equipment specification and O&M manuals. By involving key players throughout the process, the results of your project specifically match the needs of the entire facility team.

Complete Budget Planning

We plan project budgets with every detail in mind. However, within the project scope, changes do happen. For this reason, we continually update the project budget, allowing you to view the details at any point in the process. You will have open access to an accurate picture of your project’s progress, including time, materials, personnel, and budget.

Detailed Bid Documents

By clearly defining the scope of work and needs for materials and manpower, we are able to save the project time and money by reducing contractor change orders. Our detailed bid document deliverables include process flow diagrams, P&IDs, plan views, elevation views, 3D diagrams, isometrics, and bid specifications.

Accurate Drawings

From creating as-built drawings of an existing installation to designing and drawing a new layout or facility, our designers pay close attention to accuracy and detail. We understand the information depicted on drawings leads to correct specifications, successful installations, and final results that operate as intended.

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